Guarding Firms Move into Monitoring

SDM has been told that G4S Wackenhut goes "live" this month with a new state-of the-art remote security monitoring and data center in the United States. Based outside of Boston, the G4S Security Monitoring Data Center (SMDC) surpasses the capabilities of traditional central station alarm monitoring by providing advanced features like virtual video guard tours and remote access control systems.

According to Jerry Cordasco, Vice President of Operations for the G4S Security Monitoring Data Center, this facility is a fusion of manned security and technology. The center contains the security industry's most intelligent video and streaming audio over IP technology which interfaces seamlessly with analytic software systems and manned security. The center's innovative offerings, like remote video surveillance of buildings, property and people, as well as virtual video guard tours and remote audio/video chaperoning of employees, will increase efficiency, limit risks and reduce costs for G4S Wackenhut clients.

The center provides other remote hosted services to customers, such as incident, visitor and gate management, access control system monitoring, as well as the typical central station alarm monitoring. In addition, the center can store and retrieve customer data allowing for on-demand video playback and event analysis. The center's web portal provides customers with instant access to detailed reports and video clips as well as advanced functionality like video content analysis, video alarm response and behavior recognition algorithms.


Video Software at Verint

There are additions to its family of multiport encoders, along with the next release of its patent-protected Nextiva Enterprise Video Management software. These integrated solutions are the latest enhancements to the industry-leading Nextiva IP Video portfolio from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions, and are designed to deliver a flexible and scalable IP video management platform to organizations around the world.

The introduction of its environmentally-friendly Nextiva S1808e and S1816e multiport encoders represent the latest addition to the Nextiva portfolio, and are the result the company’s decade-long track record that includes deploying close to one million multiport encoder inputs. The Nextiva S1808e and S1816e multiport encoders are enterprise-class solutions designed to deliver high-resolution images for recorded and live video, and support H.264 and MPEG-4 video up to 4CIF/30fps on all ports. By incorporating the robust H.264 video encoding technology, the solutions can help enable lower total cost of ownership (TCO), decreased bit rate and storage consumption by up to 50 percent, less power requirements and seamless integration with the company’s Nextiva Video Management software.

Verint Video Systems in Booth 3164

Belden 3600 Pre-Terminated 'Green' Cabling

Belden, in the development of signal transmission products for the enterprise, industrial, building management, broadcast, and security markets, introduces the new Belden 3600 Pre-Terminated Cabling System. Belden's eco-friendly Pre-Term Made Easy cabling solution delivers robust and reliable Category 6 performance, making it ideal for installation in data centers and office environments.

The 3600 Pre-Terminated Cabling System is easy and convenient to configure and install it can reduce installation time and labor costs by as much as 90 percent. Since all system components are factory-tested, there is no need for the extensive testing and troubleshooting typically required in cabling installations. In addition, this "green" system provides for plug-and-play installation and component reusability, resulting in lower cost and less waste. The system is fully supported under Belden's IBDN 3600 Certification Program, including guaranteed bandwidth of 280 MHz and Belden's 25-Year IBDN Product Warranty.

At the heart of Belden's 3600 Pre-Terminated Cabling System are the following core components:

3600 Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies - small, flexible cable assembly design, combined with RJ45 plugs, allows for fast, easy installation and termination. The use of a braided sleeve and pulling eyes provides additional protection when pulling and routing the assemblies through overhead trays, raised floors, cabinet poke-throughs and cable management hardware.

The cable assemblies come in standardized 6-cable bundles. Each 23 AWG 4-pair cable features Belden's patented Bonded-Pair technology to ensure Category 6 performance and reliability, before and after installation. The assemblies are available in 1-ft increments from 6-50 ft assembly lengths, and in 5-ft increments from 55 to 295 ft assembly lengths. Each is labeled with a unique serial number and bar code for easier asset management.

CAT6+ RJ45 Modular Couplers - the inherent simplicity of this RJ45-RJ45 feed-through coupler (or inline coupler) brings modularity and flexibility to the 3600 System, along with a new and higher level of RJ45 plug-and-play performance. The Coupler also provides outstanding transmission performance in short and long channels and it is reusable and reconfigurable for both front and back patch panel reconfiguration. And since the Coupler is compatible with Belden's full line of KeyConnect(TM) modular patch panels, adapters and faceplates there is no need for special installation hardware.