Reviewing technology shown at ASIS last week, a new system aimed at border crossings as well as other vehicle access points hit the mark.

From Spectrum San Diego, it’s called CarSCAN. "We believe that CarSCAN is a breakthrough in vehicle screening technology, and winning the ASIS Accolades re-confirms this," said Dr. Steven W. Smith, president and technical director of Spectrum San Diego. It provides actionable information to security personnel at border crossings, military bases, embassies, ports and other critical government and private facilities. The vehicle being inspected drives through the CarSCAN archway and the scanned image is displayed on the security officer's monitor, much the same as an airport baggage scanner. Unlike previous generation vehicle scanners, dual-energy transmission imaging penetrates through the entire vehicle, greatly minimizing blind spots and highlighting potential threats in easily understandable color-coded images.

CarSCAN meets national safety standards for the X-ray screening of vehicles containing passengers. Its small footprint allows the CarSCAN archway to be installed into an existing traffic lane. Minimal manpower and time are required for installation and operational training. Since only a few hours are necessary to set up and dismantle the system, short notice needs and unanticipated security requirements can easily be accommodated. No trenching or build-out of the installation area is necessary. CarSCAN can be operated at an unlimited distance from security personnel to provide standoff blast protection.