Integration was a theme at last week’s ASIS 2009. For example, Rasilient Systems told reporters it had successfully integrated Intel Corporation's Modular Server built on Intel Multi-Flex Technology with its new PixelStor line of IPSAN storage product into a turnkey video surveillance solution.

Developed for the video surveillance market, PixelStor is a scalable IPSAN that addresses the numerous challenges normally found in large or high-resolution video surveillance deployments. At ASIS 2009, the company demonstration consisted of one Intel Modular Server with six internal compute modules running MileStone NVR (Network Video Recorder) software and using PixelStor as the primary storage.


Pushing Security Alarm Information to iPhone


While Schlage’s iPhone application grabs national attention on the homeowner front, others are doing the same thing. For instance, Optellios has developed a mobile alarm monitoring platform, the FiberPatrol iPatrol software, capable of communicating valuable security information to people on the move. It allows for instant communication of alarm information to security personnel for assessing security threats in real-time. The phone will display the exact GPS location on a satellite image and calculate the directions to the location of the alarm. Additional features include the ability to relay the alarm to others for a coordinated response, and view and control live cameras for closer inspection of the situation.