Ten companies active in the network video surveillance market joined the first ONVIF developer's plug fest in Tokyo earlier this month. "We are very pleased with the results from the plug fest as all companies successfully achieved the goal of interoperability with the other participants," said Markus Wierny, Bosch Security Systems.

In recent analysis, IMS Research contends that the member companies of the video surveillance standards body ONVIF command a significantly larger slice of the video surveillance equipment market than the member companies of the PSIA standards body.

ONVIF member companies command over 40 percent of worldwide video surveillance market revenues compared with the 25 percent taken by PSIA member companies. The difference is even more startling when put into the context of network video surveillance equipment. Here ONVIF member companies command nearly 60 percent of market revenues compared with the 20 percent share for PSIA member companies.

Senior research analyst Alastair Hayfield commented, “Instinctively it felt that ONVIF members had a greater market presence. However, it was a surprise to see quite how large the difference was.” He continued, “The move to a standards based approach for network video surveillance is an important one. It will help to drive the adoption of network video surveillance products and will greatly benefit end-users. The video surveillance industry has clearly decided that standards are desirable. Well over half of all video surveillance equipment sales can be attributed to companies in one or both of these standards bodies. In fact, 11 of the top 15 video surveillance vendors have joined either ONVIF or PSIA. Furthermore, many component manufacturers, analytics vendors and distributors, whose presence is not accounted for in the above analysis, have signed up to guide the future path of the network video surveillance market.”

The Fight Over Standards


ONVIF Members – 40% worldwide video surveillance market revenues

PSIA Members – 25%

ONVIF Members – 60% worldwide network video surveillance market revenues

PSIA Members – 20%

Source: IMS Research