Maybe the floor of the ASIS exhibit will be filled with security video, biometrics, smartcards and other leading-edge systems. But locking devices will also have their charm.

For example, the new Schlage AD-Series electronic locks provide options to truly customize the access control solution, quickly migrate to future needs and provide seamless integration, now and later, at a lower cost of ownership. The new locks will be introduced at the Door & Hardware Institute Exposition September 16-17 in Kissimmee, Fla., and at the ASIS Exposition in Anaheim, Calif., September 21-23.

“This ground-breaking series of electronic locks means that purchasers will be able to buy a customized solution to secure their facilities today while protecting their access control investment for years to come,” emphasizes Karen Keating, Schlage electronic locking portfolio marketing manager. “The modular, open architecture AD-Series lets users customize door openings with options such as credential reader type, networking, finish and levers to create a perfect fit. Yet, as their business needs change, so can their access control solution to new credential technologies, a variety of network protocols, increased security levels and system expansions. Upgrades can be as simple as interchanging a module.”

Components that have been traditionally located around the door are now integrated into the lock itself to yield a smarter solution and more value for the investment. From large buildings with complex demands to a small office with only a few openings, AD-Series locks can be configured to create a custom fit right at the lock. For instance, the locks provide multiple, interchangeable credential reader modules as well as interchangeable offline, wired and wireless networking modules so that access control can now be installed at doors where it had been previously unfeasible. The new AD-Series electronic locks are compatible with all popular exit devices, provide a host of power and cylinder options, offer field configurable settings and include a wide variety of finishes and levers.

“Security needs change over time as does technology,” adds Keating. “With the AD-Series, users are deploying an adaptable security solution today while being ready for whatever the future holds.”

The patent-pending modular design of the new Schlage AD-Series lets users adapt to new technologies easily, whether changing credential technologies or networking capabilities. Without replacing the lock, or even taking it off the door, users can upgrade readers and network modules to go from an offline to networked solution, change the credentials they are using at any time and use future innovative technologies as they emerge. With its open architecture platform, the AD-Series integrates with Schlage or third party software and is able to leverage existing network infrastructure.

With the AD-Series, there is no need to outfit the entire facility at once. Users can start small and add more openings as budgets permit. They can also choose which openings should be offline or networked, managing both types of locks with the same software and database. As a result, a facility can have more locks on more doors to increase security, move more offline doors to a network solution as budget and needs dictate.