RS2 Technologies, LLC, provided Zalud’s Blog with an advance copy of its fourth White Paper, “Underutilization of Features in Access Control Systems -- Getting Your Money’s Worth When Specifying & Buying an Access Control System.”

The paper covers topics such as:

           The definition of underutilization

           How to save money on “client licenses”

           Necessary and unnecessary door hardware

           The most commonly unused features in access control systems

           How keeping abreast of changing access control technology can save you money

           Leveraging your access control investment through integration

The White Paper has several diagrams and photos illustrating these topics, as well as a “List of Questions to Ask Access Control Manufacturers and Systems Integrators” that has become a hallmark of the RS2 White Paper series. Readers are encouraged to apply the questions and the paper’s conclusions about underutilization to their own evaluations of their current access control systems – or to systems that they are contemplating purchasing.

In announcing the release of this latest White Paper in the RS2 series, RS2 Managing Partner Doug Robinson stated that this particular White Paper was “our effort to fulfill what we consider an obligation on the part of all access control manufacturers to ensure that current and prospective customers are getting their money’s worth out of their systems.” Robinson went on to say, “What we have been trying to do in the past few years with our White Paper series is to build a body of knowledge about access control, with special emphasis on making security consultants, specifying engineers, systems integrators and, particularly, end users knowledgeable consumers of access control. We are pleased to be able to provide these free of charge to these and other groups as a service to the access control industry.”

Robinson stated that, as new White Papers are available and are posted to the RS2 Web site, they will notify interested parties who have signed up for the company’s mailing list (which can be done on the “Contact Us” page of the web site). RS2 White Papers are available by accessing the RS2 web site (, selecting Resources and then clicking on White Papers. To view the White Paper on “Underutilization of Features in Access Control Systems,” click here: