Even before the ASIS International event later this month, there has been news about monitoring, security video and mass notification.

For example, Dedicated Micros – part of AD Group – is targeting the mid-range market with its new SD Advanced Hybrid DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The hybrid SD Advanced comes in 16, 12 or 8 channel models includes capabilities such as IP video source recording, front panel local control, transcoding, and VGA main monitor support. 

The SD Advanced features embedded help videos that are accessible from both the local and remote viewer and cover all major operation and configuration topics including: the use of Point&Go, Absolute Positioning and On-Screen Maps.

When deployed, the new SD Advanced is capable of seamlessly recording and displaying IP video streams from IP cameras, encoders and other NetVu Connected video servers.

The Analytics Capable models of the SD Advanced can be easily upgraded to run a range of Dedicated Micros' analytics components including: license plate capture, valuable object watch, perimeter protection and doorway counting. This is already enabled within the hardware of the unit and only a software license upgrade is required to activate the analytics.

With the potential for complete integration between Dedicated Micros' Oracle Dome and the SD Advanced, users can configure the PTZ dome directly from the DVR.

Concerning emergency notification – a hot tech category, Zalud’s Blog just heard that Grand Canyon National Park has selected the Send Word Now Alert Service to communicate with personnel across the entire park. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and receives close to five million visitors each year. Grand Canyon National Park is one of approximately 400 national parks and sites run by the National Park Service (NPS), a division of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Fast, reliable communication is critical when dealing with time-sensitive situations at the park. 

“We are pleased to provide the National Park Service with our robust communications platform for use at Grand Canyon National Park,” said Tony Schmitz, President and CEO of Send Word Now. “Organizations all over the world use Send Word Now every day to ensure that their critical communications reach recipients in a timely and reliable manner. The Grand Canyon National Park joins Send Word Now’s exceptional list of clients, which includes leading companies, educational institutions, government agencies, municipalities and non-profit organizations.”

The Send Word Now Alert Service enables organizations and important agencies within the U.S. federal government to rapidly communicate with thousands of people anywhere in the world within minutes, using the communications devices they already possess. With rapid, two-way mass notification, time-sensitive events can be addressed immediately, reducing human latency and resulting in better decision-making and quicker response times. Send Word Now’s geographically-enabled alerts feature allows administrators to draw a shape on a map and contact only those individuals located in that area, enabling efficient crisis communications and helping to ensure business continuity. Send Word Now’s on-demand conference bridge capability and custom application for BlackBerry smartphones ensure that contacts can easily be reached no matter where they are.

Then there are the industry changes. For instance, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. has purchased Sonitrol of North Georgia, a Sonitrol franchise since 2004, located in Buford, GA. The sale includes mostly commercial accounts including property management, banking, education, restaurants, distribution and local government customers being serviced throughout Northern Georgia. Sonitrol of North Georgia was owned by Blackfields of West Georgia, LLC. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.        

“The Sonitrol of North Georgia acquisition allows us to increase our market share in Georgia. This acquisition is a natural fit for us since our 2008 acquisition of Sonitrol Corporation for $275 million. The Sonitrol of North Georgia acquisition is a bolt-on that gives us additional Sonitrol presence and makes us even stronger for existing and potential customers in the audio verification market. We’re excited to be adding Sonitrol of North Georgia’s accomplished group of customers to the Stanley family,” stated Tony Byerly, President- North America, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. 

On college campuses, the H1N1 virus is a big concern as students return to school. Just last week, SimplexGrinnell organized a special symposium to help senior administrators address today’s wide-ranging campus safety and preparedness issues, including the pressing challenges associated with the H1N1 virus.

The day-long symposium at Bryant University examined campus safety and preparedness from an all-threats perspective that encompasses natural disasters and infectious diseases as well as campus violence and terrorist attacks. It was designed for university presidents, vice presidents, provosts, directors of facilities, public safety and health services, risk managers and other senior leaders from colleges in New England, New York and New Jersey. The day’s highlights included:

·        A hands-on pandemic planning and management exercise facilitated by James W. Satterfield, President/COO of Firestorm Solutions. A recognized authority on disaster preparedness, risk mitigation and crisis management, Satterfield provided on-site crisis response and support following the April 2007 tragedy at Virginia Tech University.

·        An address on college and university emergency preparedness and response by R. David Paulison, former Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). A nationally and internationally known leader in emergency and disaster response and recovery, Paulison is now a partner with Global Emergency Solutions.

·        An overview, from representatives of FEMA’s Region 1 headquarters in Boston, of the programs and funding available to help colleges and universities strengthen campus safety, security and preparedness.

 “As a company that provides fire and life-safety systems and services to thousands of colleges and universities, SimplexGrinnell understands the importance of campus safety and preparedness,” said James Spicer, president of SimplexGrinnell. “With a new school year set to begin, we join the leaders of colleges and universities in New England and across the country in their efforts to enhance campus safety and preparedness.”

Broadband satellite phones -- With the growth of sophisticated intellectual theft, chief security officers continue to seek ways to protect information. Among the whiz-bangs solutions at today’s (Sept.8) DSEI 2009 Defense and Security Exhibition, London, UK, Cellcrypt showed off Cellcrypt Mobile available over Inmarsat’s broadband satellite services, enabling encrypted voice calls to be made on popular smartphones from anywhere on the planet, for the first time.

Cellcrypt Mobile for Satellite solution provides end-to-end real-time encryption on smartphones, such as Nokias and BlackBerrys, to prevent private conversations from being compromised, enabling individuals within corporations and governments to converse in a highly secure manner without the need for specialized handsets.

Cellcrypt uses the latest Internet technology to provide voice call quality and real-time encryption to levels specified by the US government. From the same handset, it operates on all major wireless networks including 2G (GPRS/ EDGE), 3G, Wi-Fi and now satellite.