An integrated system that centralizes and streamlines security operations for the Louisville facilities of Norton Healthcare, Kentucky’s largest non-profit healthcare system, is a Honeywell system.

It will allow Norton Healthcare to easily control security and better manage the safety of patients and nearly 5,000 hospital employees. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of all non-fatal injuries resulting from workplace assaults happen in healthcare and social service settings — making this integration even more important to keep tabs on video feeds and access points in hospitals.  

Norton Healthcare operators will use Honeywell’s Pro-Watch® Video Manager — a sophisticated video surveillance management platform and newly introduced component of Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Security Management System — to help track up to 96 video feeds across three of the healthcare system’s five major medical facilities. Installed by locally based integrator Ready Electric Co., Norton Healthcare will link security systems at the main Norton Hospital campus in downtown Louisville, Kosair Children’s Hospital, and Norton Brownsboro Hospital. Once the installation is complete, all systems — including video recorders and building access control technology — will be controlled from Norton Healthcare’s downtown security dispatch center.

“The ability to easily manage multiple security systems from a single location speaks directly to our mission of maintaining the highest level of safety and security for our patients and employees,” said Stanley Helm, security director for Norton Healthcare. “Honeywell and Ready Electric have delivered services for some of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations, which gives us confidence that Norton Healthcare will benefit from the latest innovation as we continue to grow.”

Honeywell’s larger, over-arching Pro-Watch Security Management System is also included in the installation. Additionally, Norton Healthcare will use Honeywell’s Rapid Eye digital video recorders (DVRs) and OmniAssure smart card readers. The readers will allow the healthcare system to standardize its control cards in all facilities and provide staff the benefit of needing only one identification card to access buildings.

Previously, Norton Healthcare’s security personnel viewed surveillance images on 19-inch monitors. The new system will enable operators to view surveillance feeds on six 42-inch flat screen monitors, allowing them to select specific video feeds and expand the views on private monitors.

Norton Healthcare also plans to expand the use of security systems in efforts to simplify and improve security monitoring. “Several factors made the Honeywell system stand out for this project,” said Dan Kloenne, business development manager, Ready Electric. “Pro-Watch Video Manager’s open architecture allows the system to work with Norton’s current security infrastructure, and it’s scalable for the future.”

The integration of security operations will allow Norton Healthcare to make future enhancements to its security systems as the organization moves to a more efficient IP-based video system. Ready Electric will replace a portion of the provider’s existing pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras with Honeywell’s EQUIP Series IP cameras. The integrator also will install the necessary wiring to replace the remaining PTZ cameras, which will enable Norton Healthcare to easily expand the system in the future.