From Zalud’s Blog -- SimplexGrinnell is advancing its ability to provide single-source solutions for primary/secondary schools, healthcare facilities and other key customers through a new teaming relationship with AVI-SPL, the largest global integrator for audio video systems and services.

The agreement with AVI-SPL will enable SimplexGrinnell to package top-quality pro-sound solutions with its integrated fire, security and emergency communications systems and services. The AVI-SPL portfolio includes sound and video reinforcement, videoconferencing, collaborative communication and streaming media, along with a comprehensive suite of support services.

SimplexGrinnell and AVI-SPL have developed the agreement with the sophisticated needs of 21st century building owners and occupants in mind. For instance, in educational facilities, SimplexGrinnell will be better positioned to complement its fire and life safety solutions with high-quality pro-sound systems for auditoriums, gymnasiums and cafeterias. AVI-SPL’s audio video solutions can also meet important customer needs in other key markets, including healthcare, government, hospitality, houses of worship, corporate facilities and performance venues.