Concern about the environment is universal, but system performance comes first. This Earth Day, SFC Smart Fuel Cell, a supplier of fuel cell products for security video, mobile and off-grid power applications, tells Security Magazine that fuel cells, operating in a hybrid system with batteries and solar power systems, can reliably power virtually any security, surveillance and monitoring application 24/7 in any weather conditions. Hybrid systems have proven success with government agencies, companies and property owners across the globe.

Hybrid fuel cell system advantages:

·         Provides a clean and quiet alternative to fuel-based generators

·         Keeps solar power systems operating reliably even in bad weather

·         Assures continuous, virtually maintenance-free energy to security systems powered by batteries, avoiding battery replacement

·         Enables remote monitoring of continuous, optimal operation

·         Produces only carbon dioxide and water vapour in amounts comparable to a child’s breath

Fuel cells are recognized as a clean, silent and efficient energy source for powering a wide variety of applications off the grid. SFC has sold more than 12,000 direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) and is a global leader in providing fuel cells for security, surveillance and monitoring applications.