Millivision’s Stand-Off System is a passive millimeter-wave whole body imager that includes Millivision’s patented automatic threat detection (“ATD”) tool. The Stand-Off System was designed and built to detect medium and large sized objects such as assault rifles, body-bombs and other improvised explosive devices that are concealed under clothing. The system can be mounted in, beneath or suspended from a ceiling, mounted on a wall or supported by floor stands. 

The image shows the system set-up to emulate an entryway system that is typical in mass transportation venues, public and private infrastructure, shopping malls and many other applications. Two system units mounted on the wall are spaced approximately 25 feet apart so that they image both the front and the back of subjects who walk beneath them. The subject is expected to walk within a 1 meter wide area to be properly imaged by both units at the same time. Both overt and covert operations are possible and it can scan up to 900 people per hour. The system is currently tuned to optimally detect at distances up to 12 feet, but can be modified to operate at greater distances.

This is a screen shot showing what an operator would see in real time. The operator has selected to display both the millimeter wave image and the video image side by side on the screen. To aid in detection, operator effectiveness, reduce operating costs and provide an option for privacy, the system includes Millivision’s proprietary Automatic Threat Detection (ATD) tool. The ATD tool superimposes a red box around the detected threat. The operator can choose to use this tool on the millimeter wave image, the video image (as is shown in this example) or both. In applications where privacy could be an issue, operators would choose to only view the video image with ATD.