Security Magazine learned that PSA has added Videofied, a product of RSI Video Technologies, to its roster of vendors. Videofied’s wireless system runs entirely on battery power; each camera has an integrated cell modem to provide an IP connection over the GSM/GPRS network.

“Videofied is unique in the marketplace,” stated Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA Security Network. “PSA, in conjunction with Integrator Support, is focusing on bringing RMR opportunities to the security integrator community. The portability and ease-of-ownership Videofied offers allows security integrators the ability to capture a specific niche in the market and provide a unique offering that will help integrators build their recurring revenue base.”

“Videofied is distinct in that it is wireless and needs no infrastructure except a cell tower,” said Keith Jentoft, president of RSI Video Technologies. “The system will operate up to four years on a set of batteries. The MotionViewers detect any intruder and send a 10-second clip of the event over the cell network. The monitoring operator immediately reviews the video of the intrusion and alerts the property owner to log into their DVR to initiate a real-time and immediate response.”

In certain states, the law requires visual confirmation of an intrusion when an alarm is received by a central monitoring station, before authorities can be notified, with risk of fines if the procedure is not followed. Videofied sends the short video to a monitoring station where it is evaluated as well as sent to the property owner. False alarms are filtered and authorities are notified when necessary.

“Blended video is a new surveillance architecture that revolutionizes outdoor security,” continued Jentoft. “Videofied’s cost-effective, wireless MotionViewers act as remote sentries for a more powerful megapixel PTZ surveillance system. The system costs less than comparative products, delivers greater security, and integrators benefit with recurring monthly revenue on each and every job.”

PSA’s partner company, Integrator Support, provides monitoring services; when coupled with Videofied’s system, integrators are able to provide a complete solution for end users. Integrator Support delivers a recurring monthly revenue model to security systems integrators with a flexible suite of leasing and financial programs as well as the latest in remote video guarding, two-way audio security, and remotely managed access control. Integrator Support helps system integrators create new revenue streams, increase the market value of their company, and maximize their operational efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with the PSA to bring this new wireless technology to their customers,” concluded Jentoft. “Videofied combined with CCTV means greater security and higher profits for integrators.”