One of the greatest threats to industries, infrastructure and all types of businesses is information theft. Protecting data has become as vital today as protecting tangible and financial assets.

If you are facing the challenge of keeping data LANs secure from intruders who could easily tap into cable, Fiber SenSys LLC, together with it’s fiber optic cable supplier, Optical Cable Corporation (OCC), offers you the solution in the form of its fiber optic asset protection systems. Fiber SenSys has recently applied a perimeter protection technology that the firm developed over a decade ago along with its fiber optic cable supplier, Optical Cable Corporation. This world-class perimeter protection technology is being applied to a growing need for physical protection of LANS from intruders who could otherwise tap directly into data traffic.

With regard to the broader perimeter security threat, (physical assets ranging from buildings to aircraft) Fiber SenSys worked with OCC to engineer a fiber optic cable-based system with embedded sensors that detect intrusion or any type of disturbance that is considered “threatening”.

The system can be retrofitted by collocating it with existing LANs, or included as a virtually unnoticeable component of new LAN installations of any size, indoor or outdoor, subterranean or above ground. “The reason people like using SecureLAN® to protect their data lines is that it is a low-cost, high-value solution,” says Duane Thompson, general manager of Fiber SenSys. Compared to the expensive cryptographic alternative, the fiber optic sensor protection is much lower in price and also requires very little maintenance. OCC is well known for its customized fiber optic products.

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