Zalud’s Blog just got a phone call from Neve Ilan, Israel. BriefCam has launched technology for summarizing CCTV footage. The technology allows for one day of surveillance camera footage to be summarized into as little as a few minutes, enabling the rapid review and indexing of captured video.

Video synopsis provides a summarized video clip of the original full-length video footage. The synopsis is made possible by presenting concurrently multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times. Clicking on any individual object or event in the clip invokes the original unabridged video for targeted review.

With affordable video summarization, BriefCam enables the rapid review of captured video to assess reported incidents and occurrences, as well as the uncovering and discovery of incidents that may never have been exposed in the past due to the high cost of manual video review. Municipalities, transportation centers, border control, banks, office building management, retailers and just about anyone using video surveillance can leverage video synopsis to better monitor and safeguard their locations and facilities.

“Current CCTV technology makes the review of video surveillance footage a costly and time intensive task often requiring a large team to view and analyze captured video,” said Gideon Ben-Zvi, chairman and president of BriefCam. “BriefCam’s technology is key to giving police departments, airport security personnel, store managers, homeowners and practically anyone using video surveillance the ability to react faster and more efficiently. In conjunction with existing surveillance solutions, video synopsis will take the CCTV industry to new levels of effectiveness.”

When used in conjunction with existing video surveillance solutions, video synopsis facilitates the review of captured surveillance video at rates of up to 1000 times faster than is currently achievable.

“Most captured video is never examined, unless a high priority incident, such as a terror attack or murder, warrants the expensive review,” noted Ben-Zvi. “As such, many cases of misconduct go undiscovered. Our ability to provide rapid, cost efficient video browsing will revolutionize the investigation of security breaches, fraud, terror incidents and internal threats as well as serving to improve employee performance.”