A sidebar to the new President taking office was the effort by the Secret Service to develop a BlackBerry that was super-secure. The device may prove secure or not. But the White House has clamped down on others who could have access to the President’s smartphone. The limited number of people getting the number must sign statements to protect their access including not commenting on even if they do have access.

Interesting enough there are BlackBerries already aimed at law enforcement and private security.

BlackBerry solutions along with third party applications¹ on BlackBerry smartphones, allow police and law enforcement officers to:

Obtain APBs, amber alerts and other emergency response information

Query criminal databases and updated suspect photos

Receive dispatch information and incident reports

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Public Safety and Emergency Response Solutions

BlackBerry Business Solutions combined with third party applications allows public safety and emergency response teams to:

Improve collaboration and communication in a crisis situation

Use GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and location-based services² to track movement of supplies and people

Help emergency teams multi-task for faster response times

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Wireless Solutions for Fire Departments

Implementing the BlackBerry wireless platform for your department allows you to:

Securely connect staff during emergency situations

Provide accurate HazMat (hazardous material) information to emergency teams

Reduce the need for paper manuals

Learn more on the use of BlackBerry solutions for fire departments.

Secure Solutions for Security Agencies

BlackBerry wireless solutions are a choice for border and transportation security allowing personnel to:

Adhere to the strict security requirements

Improve critical communications of mobile staff

Enhance decision-making through mobile collaboration