What: John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development for Pixim Inc., will present "IP Imaging Enhancement with All-Digital Technology" at IP-In-Action LIVE Los Angeles. The event is sponsored by the IP UserGroup USA, a dedicated security technology forum providing unparalleled education in IP within physical security applications.

Monti will discuss various imaging technologies and how they differ, as well as the benefits of all-digital imaging technology in IP camera applications. These benefits include the avoidance of analog-to-digital conversion; exceptionally wide dynamic range (crisp, natural-color images even in variable lighting conditions); elimination of noise and motion artifacts, leading to highly efficient compression in networked video systems; better video analytics due to the more accurate data with progressive-scan image capture and 128,000-to-1 data quantization; and resolution of the persistent flicker caused by fluorescent lighting in IP cameras that use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

When: Tuesday, February 10, 2009, at 11:20 a.m.

Where: Pasadena Conference Center (located 15 minutes northeast of downtown Los Angeles);

300 East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101