Driving innovation to help strengthen the financial services industry, Diebold is enhancing and broadening its outsourcing solution through the addition of security-related solutions and consulting. Outsourcing with Diebold can help deliver cost savings, streamline operations and increase the return on investment at the self-service channel. With the addition of security, Diebold now can enable financial institutions to take advantage of a true end-to-end solution under an operating model that allows for the addition of new security solutions with continually updated technology, without the traditional upfront expense. This allows financial institutions to rely on a professional outsourcing alliance with Diebold as an integral component of their security strategies.

Ever-present cyber threats and rapidly rising crime rates make it imperative for financial institutions to deploy a professionally designed, implemented and maintained security operation that offers the flexibility to easily incorporate new technologies as they emerge. These days, many financial institutions have limited resources and capital necessary to internally handle this effectively. Diebold's security outsourcing provides a thorough yet scalable solution for financial institutions.

Outsourcing security also can help lower instances of false alarms through 24/7 interactive remote monitoring. Simply adding a DVR and a two-way audio system interconnected to the site alarm panel, along with video monitoring services, can help financial institutions significantly reduce false alarm fees. Under an outsourcing agreement, financial institutions also can deploy the latest in access control and credentialing, which helps meet such stringent regulatory mandates.

When a financial institution outsources its entire integrated security program, Diebold will back the entire program with a remarkable promise against false alarm fees. It's a customer's assurance that Diebold can identify a true emergency with unmatched speed, accuracy and false alarm resistance.

"In an outsourcing agreement, Diebold's industry experts work with the financial institution to develop a comprehensive outsourcing solution that includes software, hardware and services," said Dennis M. Moriarty, senior vice president, Global Security Division. "By understanding customers' risks, compliance concerns and security business operations, we can build a solution that starts with a process and builds on it for optimal security of both a customer's facilities and data. We draw on our security expertise to provide unparalleled process management and business solutions to our clients."

"One of the greatest advantages under this type of full-service agreement is that Diebold becomes a single point-of-contact for the financial institution's entire self-service operation," said Greg Steffy, senior director, Integrated Services, Diebold. "Turning over to Diebold comprehensive management of key security system elements frees financial institutions to more effectively build and maintain customer relationships and reduces the need to devote valuable resources to myriad operational challenges."

Traditionally, streamlining operations, increasing efficiencies and realizing a solid return on investment could be difficult to achieve, given the capital required to enlist individual vendors to fulfill all the services necessary to address even the most basic business concerns. But today, a full-service outsourcing arrangement with Diebold offers a single-point-of- contact, helping financial institutions avoid large capital outlays and instead transform those expenses into operating dollars. It also allows financial institutions to provide the advanced security customers need and the operational efficiencies that drive the bottom line.