Keyscan Inc. has told Zalud’s Blog that it has introduced the K-Secure 13.56 MHz Mifare contactless smartcard with Max Secure TM. Unlike other card formats that transmit their card number in the open, the K-Secure with its Max Secure technology uses encrypted codes and unlock algorithms for card/reader authentication and validation. Used with Keyscan’s K-Smart Mifare contactless smartcard reader, the K-Secure card offers the highest level of anti-counterfeiting protection on the market. They’re the ideal solution to combat 125 kHz 26-bit card duplicates and counterfeits. And because K-Secure cards comply with ISO 14443 international inter-operability standards, they can be used with other 3rd party applications such as logical network access or cashless vending. K-Secure, with its multi-application capability, is the optimum credential choice for high security access control. Where photo ID is a must, K-Secure cards meet all requirements for high-quality dye sublimation printing.