The Bosch Underwater and Public Address models of the MIC Ruggedized PTZ Camera are designed to deliver extremely reliable, robust and high quality surveillance for the most demanding security applications. The MIC400 Underwater PTZ Camera meets the needs of surveillance projects that require a fully submerged camera solution, while the MIC400 Public Address PTZ Camera is ideal for applications that warrant video and voice communication in all environmental conditions.

MIC400 Underwater overcomes elements that render conventional CCTV cameras charged with performing underwater surveillance inoperable. The unit’s pressure-resistant seals enable reliable operation to a depth of 25 meters (82 feet). An IP68 rating protects against severe water ingress, while a choice of an aluminum or stainless steel casing offers corrosion protection. Featuring an optically perfect flat viewing window that produces distortion-free underwater images for accurate monitoring of processes and events, MIC400 Underwater fulfills the surveillance requirements of locations such as water treatment plants, hydroelectric dams and commercial aquariums.

The industry’s most ruggedized and comprehensive video and voice PTZ surveillance solution, MIC Public Address incorporates twin 100 dB speakers that offer directional one-way voice communication. This feature allows for annunciation and crowd notification, a critical capability in emergency situations. An unprecedented 320° tilt facilitates viewing from directly above and below the camera for the most complete surveillance of any speed dome, and upright or inverted mounting options enable the perfect field of view to be achieved every time, for targeted vigilance. With a housing constructed of 6 mm-thick, vandal-resistant aluminum, the camera can be installed in the harshest of environments. MIC Public Address’ powerful combination of clear audio communication, unmatched PTZ performance and ruggedized design makes it perfectly suited for crowd control, public space and rapid deployment applications.

“The MIC400 Underwater and Public Address models solve specific issues that traditionally inhibit effective surveillance for both challenging and specialized applications,” says Willem Ryan, Extreme CCTV Product Marketing Manager. “With these products, users can implement high performance video imaging, as well as reliable voice communication in the case of MIC Public Address, in places and conditions that they couldn’t before, be it a water treatment plant or a vandal-prone city center. The addition of these two products to the MIC Series family gives our customers access to the most rugged and diverse PTZ camera portfolio in the market, enabling them to solve more of today’s most daunting security problems.”