Based on a city’s consideration to arm contract guards with semiautomatic weapons drew this response.

“I have been reading Security magazine for some time now and I have seen more than one article where guns seem to be put in a bad light.

It is as if you are saying guns are bad to increase the product sales of all of the advertisers contained within. I find this to be a little disturbing.

While I do in fact agree that a gun is a tool of last resort and that many other security devices and procedures should be in place along with the gun, I think you are doing a disservice to your readership by not being inclusive of all the positive aspects of the firearm.

If the guards in the article are suspect in their ability to transition from a revolver to a semi-auto then maybe Tom Conley needs to look at the (no pun intended) caliber of the people that are being hired. However, if they are competent and transition well, then they should consider either training with a .40 caliber and maybe even issuing them in the end. From a training perspective, the increased recoil of a the .40 caliber cartridge, in the same type of firearm as the 9mm they currently use, would greatly enhance the guards accuracy with the 9mm. From an issuance perspective, many law enforcement organizations are dumping their 9mm for the more powerful, but still controllable .40 caliber.

And remember, with 2.5 Million defensive uses of a firearm in this country every year, Guns SAVE Lives.”

Bruce Jackson

Stafford, VA

NRA/BCI certified