A new book authored by Elsa Lee stresses the need for corporate security to focus on the management of threats.

Homeland Security and Private Sector Business: Corporations' Role in Critical Infrastructure Protection makes the point that the challenge in combating terrorism is not that we all could die tomorrow in an attack, but that we cannot seem to perform the basic functions of diagnosing and treating the problem so that it is manageable. Public and private sector partnerships are critical to the success of this management. Homeland Security and Private Sector Business identifies the role the private sector plays in securing our homeland and offers strategies to aid in the fight against national and international threats. Key features include—

· Provides an overview of the latest Homeland Security legislative mandates imposed on the private sector and explains how they affect industry and business operations

· Instructs organizations on assembling high-risk response teams for continuity and operation management before, during, and after crisis events.

· Provides insight into why certain businesses, both domestically and overseas, are selected and targeted by terrorist organizations

· Offers specific guidelines for corporate training programs on preparedness and action in the face of crisis

· Demonstrates why businesses need to conduct themselves differently in an age of global terrorism

Organized to take into consideration differing leadership and management styles, organizational cultural change barriers, and team dynamics, the information is structured to appeal to most adult learning styles, ensuring effective communication of critical messages. Using helpful case studies and exercises, the author presents invaluable instruction on how to establish, implement, and reinforce terrorism awareness, disaster readiness, and regulatory compliance with national critical infrastructure interests. The book reviews threat factors, risk mitigation, readiness plans, prevention approaches, human factors, and training methods and concludes with insights into the limitations businesses must respect as they adjust to this new paradigm.

Elsa Lee is CEO Advantage SCI, Inc. a DoD consulting firm providing corporate and homeland security consulting and training services. More information can be found at: