Chief security officers seeking ways to improve the protection of their C-suite executives at their homes should take a look at the impact of residential security video.

Due to market saturation, increasing competition and tough economic conditions, communications companies (telcos, ISP and cellphone operators) are seeking to increase their ARPUs. Remote video monitoring and surveillance (RVMaS) could be the answer. The term RVMaS refers to network camera-based solutions that allow the end user to remotely view live or recently recorded video in security and non security related applications. A new report from IMS Research shows that annual worldwide revenues from the residential RVMaS market were around $158 million in 2008. IMS Research conservatively predicts that this market will be over three times as large by 2013.

Why is a new play needed? At a global level, communications companies currently have to deal with slowing broadband growth and declining fixed line subscriptions. In an effort to address the slowing segments of their businesses, communications companies are increasingly seeking to offer new services or multiple service/play bundles to their customers. Currently Internet, phone, TV and cell phone bundles are offered by many communications companies. To generate higher ARPUs, increase customer retention and increase subscriber numbers, communications companies are looking to releasing innovative new products. Residential RVMaS is seen by many as the next play.

Why RVMaS? RVMaS using network cameras is attractive to communication companies for the following reasons: ease of installation (e.g. self installation possible), synergy with other products and solutions (e.g. residential gateways, home automation etc.) and the potential to generate increased parallel service revenues (e.g. increased broadband bandwidth, wireless data, etc.). RVMaS products are currently available from companies such as Axis, D-Link, Linksys, Logitech and Panasonic, with the service element of the solution provided by communications companies such as AT&T, China Telecom, TeliaSonera and NTT. Whilst these products and services, currently available through retail channels and security resellers, have been experiencing strong growth, the increasing availability of RVMaS services from communications companies will be a key factor in exploiting the full potential of this market opportunity.