There are more off-shore companies, many with niche products, that are exhibiting at next week’s ISC West in Las Vegas. At the same time, there are more U.S.-based companies that are seeking and winning high tech projects outside America, too.

Naucalpan de Juarez, a city of over 1 million people on the outskirts of Mexico City, uses SAMSUNG | GVI Security cameras to help better police the city, one of Mexico’s most industrialized municipalities. Because of the accelerated development of its industry, Naucalpan is considered one of the most important municipalities in Mexico but is also in the country’s Top 5 for number of police reports. The city has been averaging 170 reported thefts a month.

As a result, it was decided to turn the city’s police force into a more efficient operation by adding video technologies. With installation beginning in early 2008, cameras are now in charge of surveillance for over 70 percent of the 155 K (110 miles) wide city, enhancing the effectiveness of Naucalpan’s 2,200 police officers.

“Our main objective is to bring the best service to the citizens, watching over their goods and keeping them safe,” a spokesperson told Zalud’s Blog. “We have a preventative police force. It is very important for the city to use a technology that gives us 100 percent confidence in what we are seeing. Besides watching over our citizens, we can also watch over our police officers at their meeting locations, assuring all are safe. We use the video system to monitor, control and supervise our police officers and their tasks.”

The cameras are configured with DSP and digital encoders coupled with hard drive based DVRs wirelessly connected through Verint Wireless Links to a hybrid wireless and fiber optic IP network to provide an actively controlled low light capable citywide surveillance solution at strategic street locations throughout Naucalpan.

The city’s central control room is totally automated, using digital maps of Naucalpan to make it easier to locate a problem shown on the video monitors. “Cameras are located at vehicular crossings and main streets,” the spokesperson adds. “Light timing is controlled via a satellite tracking system installed in our police control cars.”

Zalud’s Blog just got a phone call from an interesting Israeli firm saying they will be showing off their technology at ISC West.

BriefCam, a unique provider of systems for video synopsis and indexing of surveillance camera content, will roam the aisles talking up technology that allows for one day of surveillance camera footage to be summarized into as little as a few minutes, enabling the rapid review and indexing of captured video.

Video synopsis provides a summarized video clip of the original full-length video footage. The synopsis is made possible by presenting concurrently multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times. Clicking on any individual object or event in the clip invokes the original unabridged video for targeted review.

Video summarization enables the rapid review of captured video to assess reported incidents and occurrences, as well as the uncovering and discovery of incidents that may never have been exposed in the past due to the high cost of manual video review.