In a cover story on 2009 strategies in a tight economy, the January issue of Security Magazine talks to numerous security leaders to look into their planning playbook. Holding the cost line on installation is a major theme. We found a product from Video Protein ( that aims at the bottom line.

VideoRouter from Video Protein is an auto discovering and self-configuring router that takes the hassle out of installing IP video cameras. It has an integrated switch with four port POE (Power Over Ethernet), up to 2 TB of storage. The edge device reduces network traffic. VideoRouter takes the complexity out of installing cameras by automating such processes as setting the username/password on the camera, port mapping, creating the VPN tunnel, and opening the firewall for an outside connection.

Such tools can increase return on investment as well as decrease the total cost of ownership. Some security leaders interviewed by Security Magazine indicated the importance of holding the line on installation costs, whether its IP video, access control or identity management.