Fire-Lite Alarms has enhanced two of its most popular addressable fire alarm control panels, the MS-9200UDLS and MS-9600UDLS. Both panels offer faster polling speeds and support lower cost wire and annunciation devices. A factory-installed digital alarm communicator with upload/download capabilities coupled with a USB port and new Microsoft® Windows™-based programming tools are additional innovations made to benefit installers. Enhancements were made in response to customer requests without an increase in price to distributors.

A fully loaded MS-9200UDLS panel supporting 198 devices or MS-9600UDLS panel with a maximum of 636 devices can now activate notification circuits within 10 seconds using LiteSpeed™ technology. LiteSpeed is a patented Fire-Lite protocol utilized by both fire alarm panels to poll detection devices in groups of 10. This polling scheme allows all system devices to be wired using standard twisted, unshielded wire over an increased distance up to 10,000 feet per loop.

In support of replacement or retrofit applications, both panels have been made to support new lower cost and legacy annunciation devices. The annunciators are installed remotely from the panel, providing control switches for critical system functions while showing information identical to the panel’s front LCD display.

Both Fire-Lite panels come packaged complete with a DACT (digital alarm communications transmitter) with USB port that enables the upload and download of panel information over phone lines. The DACT’s enhanced design makes it more compatible with today’s phone lines, given the telecommunications industry’s movement from copper wire to fiber.