Vicon Industries Inc., a designer and producer of video surveillance systems, and S2 Security Corporation, in the development of network-based integrated physical security solutions, tells Zalud’s Blog that S2 is developing a customized version of its popular NetBox system to be branded and sold by Vicon for ViconNet installations requiring seamless interoperability between access control and video management functions. The Vicon SMS system, consisting of a controller and one or more “nodes” that connect to readers, sensors and other physical security devices, resides on the same network as ViconNet, providing communication and interaction between the access control interface, the system’s peripheral hardware and stored data, and the ViconNet cameras, servers, live and recorded video.

Vicon SMS offers a fully scalable solution, equally able to accommodate small and enterprise-scale installations. Its browser based interface enables control of the system from any web-enabled PC with access to the network. Because all software physically resides solely within the system’s controller and nodes, there is no need to install software on PCs used for control and monitoring purposes. The system will be offered and supported exclusively through Vicon’s network of professional security dealers/installers.

“As ViconNet customers have continued to migrate toward IP-based video management, we have seen a profound increase in their desire for a single, network-wide system that integrates video management with physical security solutions. Our ability to offer Vicon SMS, packaged with ViconNet as a complete, top-of-the-line solution, will benefit both our dealers and end-users alike. In addition, S2’s stellar reputation within the industry provides the new ViconNet SMS product with immediate credibility and a competitive edge within the market,” stated Bret McGowan, V.P. of Vicon’s US Sales and Marketing.

“Vicon’s best of breed position in the Enterprise video surveillance space combined with best in class service provides an excellent framework for success when combined with the S2 Enterprise line. Customers can now get a complete end to end integrated security management package that is far more technically advanced and provides much better TCO that comparable traditional solutions.” observed R. Todd Smith, VP Worldwide Sales for S2 Security.