During the past year, nearly 100 ships, especially off African waters, have been attacked resulting in nearly 50 hijackings costing individuals and businesses millions in additional costs associated with altering shipping routes, lost revenue and ransom payments.

Zalud’s Blog just learned that Corporate Risk International (CRI), the business intelligence and risk management firm, and Veritas International Consultants (VIC), a provider of maritime security services, have combined offerings to develop an effective security solution to current commercial maritime risks.

CRI assists companies in managing risk through the gathering and analysis of business intelligence and risk-related information and developing crisis management and response plans. CRI has successfully resolved more than 450 kidnap, ransom and extortion matters around the world, and prevented thousands of such incidents, particularly in troubled areas, including Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Far East.

VIC provides maritime security and support that minimizes risk through detailed planning, training, management and intelligence using specialists with a background from British Special Forces and elite intelligence agencies. Maritime security expertise includes training security teams and ships' crews, developing and implementing vessel and port security, and rapid deployment of security personnel to high risk areas. VIC's teams have a thorough understanding of International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and their binding legal requirements for ports, shipping firms and individual vessels.

CRI/VIC Maritme Security Program

Global response teams can be rapidly deployed into hostile regions and situations around the world to provide:

  • Communications consulting and support
  • Liaison with in-country law enforcement
  • Critical negotiations expertise
  • Shore-side and vessel-based security teams
  • Emergency management and evacuation services

The CRI/VIC network of international consultants and crisis response specialists has the capability to:

  • Conduct threat assessments for ports and routes
  • Provide bespoke counter measures and evasive maneuvering training for Ships' Masters and their crews
  • Provide on-board security teams during transit through high-risk shipping routes
  • Provide a 24/7 Crisis Response service including negotiations, ransom delivery and asset recovery
  • Screen crew and conduct due diligence on supply chain partners