Zalud’s Blog has learned that Panasonic System Solutions Company now has announced a lower user cost for their award-winning Iris Recognition System. Effective immediately, the BM-ES200A iris reader administration software now includes up to 5,000 registered users at a significantly lower price.

“Entry/exit control is often the first line of defense in a security strategy and through this enhanced offering, management can more readily adopt iris recognition technology to help secure access to their facilities,” said J.M. Allain, president of Panasonic System Solutions Company. “Additionally, the 5,000 user licenses provide greater flexibility to medium and large sized businesses for high security situations without affecting the bottom line. Up to now, Panasonic’s iris recognition system may have only been earmarked for identification and authentication in restricted areas such as labs or money counting rooms. But today it can be implemented across the entire enterprise without incurring additional licensing fees.”

Panasonic’s BM-ES200A software works in conjunction with the company’s critically acclaimed BM-ET200 Iris Recognition System, offering unsurpassed accuracy with a false accept rate of 1 in 1.2 million and built-in tamper detection to prevent data from being extracted. User alignment is easy, with dual mirror configuration, voice guidance and distance indicator. The BM-ET200 also integrates with Wiegand-compatible EAC control systems and supports proximity, i-Class and Mifare smart card applications.

With non-intrusive iris recognition technology, a template or “map” of each enrolled individual’s iris pattern is captured and stored in a database or onto an access card or token. To gain access, enrolled individuals simply look into the iris reader’s mirrors and the system compares his/her iris pattern images with iris templates. A match verifies the identity and access permission is given.