At ASIS, Axis Communications tells Zalud’s Blog that General Manager Fredrik Nilsson has authored a book titled Intelligent Network Video.

Published by CRC press, the book represents the first resource to provide detailed coverage of advanced digital networking and intelligent video capabilities and optimization. It addresses general concepts, explains why IP-based systems provide better image quality and more scalable and flexible systems at a lower cost, and provides current information and details on network cameras and video management capabilities and optimal configuration. Intelligent Network Video also discusses in detail camera, networking, compression and audio technologies as well as system design considerations. The book contains over 330 full-color images, and a DVD is included that contains tools for designing and optimizing a network video installation.

Intelligent Network Video is targeted at security professionals including security system designers, consultants and installers; security directors; investigations professionals; building and property managers; as well as interested homeland security and law enforcement professionals.

According to Charlie Pierce, president of IPC Technologies, Inc. and well-known author of three top-selling CCTV books, "If you have purchased or are contemplating purchasing Intelligent Network Video, you are getting an exceptional, must-read book that was written for every professional that is serious about moving forward in a career with digital surveillance technologies. The author's insights, comprehension and his ability to explain and teach, traverse this exciting field in direct and easily understandable terms. By reading this book, you have taken your first true step toward being part of the future solution."

In addition to his role at Axis, Nilsson also serves on the SIA (Security Industry Association) Board of Directors. He is a trusted industry speaker and has spoken at more than 20 conferences, including the keynote address at TechSec Solutions and influential trade shows such as Securing New Ground, ASIS Emerging Trends in Security, ISC West, ISC East and Interop. Nilsson has been quoted in publications such as The New York Times, USA Today and the Washington Post. He has also appeared on television shows such as CNN's "Headline News," CNBC's "Wake Up Call" and the Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends."

Market shift from analog to network cameras

Because of the ever-increasing risks presented by crime, terrorism and the potential loss of corporate assets, more businesses, governments and educational facilities are turning to surveillance cameras and systems as a primary security solution. An estimated 10 million surveillance cameras are being installed every year world-wide in a broad range of applications in government facilities and a variety of industries. The change to all digital, network video from analog CCTV video is comparable to the revolution in the telecomm industry from the analog PBX systems to IP telephony. All leading security industry experts predict a permanent paradigm shift from analog to network cameras in the next five years.

The new book is available from , by emailing, by calling 800-272-7737 or at Amazon at standing-Surveillance/dp/1420061569 . (Due to the length of this URL it may be necessary to copy and paste it into your Internet browser's URL field.)