Among the talk at ASIS: new types of platforms. For example, Pivot3 Serverless Computing platform allows security end-users to absorb compute-intensive workloads, now performed using stand-alone application servers, into Pivot3's x86-based storage platform. This will result in lower server acquisition costs, less power consumption, less heat generation and less rack space.

This architecture will also enable consolidating server workloads that have not been considered good candidates for conventional server virtualization deployment previously. Surveillance directors can run video surveillance applications such as video recording, access control and video analytic software directly on the Pivot3 clustered storage platform. A customer with 500 cameras, for example, can realize savings of 44 percent in power and cooling costs, 51 percent in rack-space usage and 22 percent in cost savings by eliminating 15 physical servers and 5 physical failover storage RAIDs.

“On average, storage solutions account for an estimated 50 percent of all acquisition costs for video surveillance systems,” said analyst Dilip Sarangan, research analyst with Frost and Sullivan. “With Serverless Computing, these costs can be reduced dramatically with all savings transferred directly to end users.”

"We're pleased to be working closely with Pivot3," noted Dave Underwood, president, Exacq Technologies. "Their innovative High-Definition Storage solutions are the perfect complement to our exacqVision NVR servers when our customers need high-bandwidth storage."

“Genetec is glad to be a part of the SCCP program, as Pivot3’s innovative and resilient solutions are the perfect fit for our highly scalable systems,” stated Michel Chalouhi, director of product management at Genetec. “Together, Pivot3 and Genetec offer customers the appropriate level of both performance and reliability, which are typically required by large-scale security applications.”