Samsung’s F1R 3.5” one-terabyte hard drive is designed for demanding applications such as database, e-mail and web servers, super computing, software development, data warehousing, surveillance, call centers and backup storage systems. The F1R features a combination of high capacity, high performance, high reliability and low power by delivering the world’s highest recording capacity using only three platters and running at 7,200rpm.

The F1R offers Best in Class performance and incorporates a wide range of proprietary technologies to achieve increased performance and lower power consumption than other drives on the market today. The three-platter structure provides a higher data storage density per platter, resulting in faster data processing speeds when compared with other one-terabyte drives. The optimized electronics and power saving modes reduce power consumption and resulting heat dissipation, making the F1R the coolest operating one-terabyte drive in its class.