FLIR Systems, Inc., with infrared cameras, tells Zalud’s Blog it has added a new camera to its P-Series line of thermal imaging cameras. The infrared cameras are designed for utility industry and thermography professionals for a wide variety of maintenance applications.

"Utilities and other industries have the challenge of maintaining equipment that is spread over great distances. Having GPS and the ability to monitor problems remotely from safe distances is a significant step in having a truly effective predictive maintenance program,” said David Francoeur, Director of Thermography Marketing, FLIR Systems. "And, having an effective predictive maintenance program means less downtime and minimal impact on the bottom line.”

The new ThermaCAMÆ P660 infrared camera includes a Global Positioning System (GPS) to automatically record the location of equipment. The tagging feature uses GPS Google Earth data to "tag” the infrared images captured. This can be used to determine equipment failure patterns so problems can be avoided in the future.

FLIR also introduces a new remote feature with the P660.   Thermographers can extend the use of the P660 to new environments and applications by deploying the handheld Wireless LAN-based remote control and display. The remote can be used to capture and monitor equipment at safe distances. This is particularly useful in high-voltage and other dangerous areas where, for safety reasons, conductive cabling cannot be used to remotely control cameras.

In addition to the new GPS and remote features, the P660 offers a host of robust features for the professional thermographer. The P660 infrared camera includes a high-definition 640 x 480 detector array, powerful thermal sensitivity (<45mK), highest accuracy +/- 1% or +/- 1 degree Centigrade, a 3.2 Megapixel visible light camera and target illuminator for low-light areas. It is PC compatible and provides professional-grade reporting software.

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