Orsus, the pioneer in the field of Situation Management that offers a new holistic approach to optimizing situation planning, response and analysis, announced a strategic partnership today with Verint Systems Inc.

This new partnership provides joint customers an enhanced security solution with extended video capabilities enabling customers to gather the real-time actionable intelligence they need to immediately respond to security threats.

Situator, from Orsus, is a comprehensive Situation Management software platform that enables situation planning, response and analysis for the security, safety and crisis management markets. Situator’s capabilities are enhanced by and fully support Verint’s Nextiva portfolio of video management software, integrated analytics, encoders, IP cameras and intelligent DVRs.

“Our partnership with Orsus facilitates a more seamless approach to threat deterrence and management,” remarked Jim Clark, Senior Vice President, Verint Video Intelligence Solutions. “Verint is committed to extending interoperability with complementary, market-leading solutions, such as Orsus Situator, to help our partners and customers address escalating challenges to security and operational effectiveness.” 

By offering a single reference point for security, safety and emergency services, the Situator platform eliminates the risk of human error that can lead to financial loss, injury and property damage since pre-set system parameters are programmed to create alerts when needed.

“Orsus and Verint’s security technologies truly complement each other, affording each organization that utilizes this solution the clearest view of what is happening as it is occurring and providing distinct action-oriented tasks based upon real-time situations and events,” said Omer Tishler, director of product management at Orsus.

“This partnership enables us to jointly create a palette of opportunities with large enterprise customers who can benefit from an innovative approach to address their security risks. These technologies fit with any organization’s existing security and safety infrastructure and can be modified to fit any scale, or adapt to future needs.”

Both solutions are based on open standards and operate seamlessly in diverse IT environments. What makes this solution cost-effective is that it allows companies to leverage existing technological investments, putting cutting-edge IP video solutions within the reach of virtually every organization.