SECUREtrac Corp., in electronic monitoring solutions, provides a supervision alternative that is significantly less costly and arguably more effective for states spending as much as $45,000/year per inmate to incarcerate criminals.  

According to a recent Pew Center on the States research report (”One in 100: Behind Bars in America 2008”), the US incarceration rate has reached a record level. Today, one in 100 Americans are behind bars. For some groups, the incarceration rate is even higher. For all male adults, it’s 1 in 54; for all Hispanic men, it’s 1 in 36; for black men between the ages of 20-34, it’s one in 9.

The costs to supervise, house, feed and provide medical care for the 2,319,258 adults currently incarcerated is costing states and the federal government approximately $55 billion. Of the total, spending by the states accounted for 90% or $50 billion. Unlike the federal government which can run deficits, the states must balance their budgets. So, every dollar spent on jails or prisons is one dollar less spent on infrastructure improvements, education, healthcare, and other social service programs. And, incarceration costs are only expected to rise. In three short years, states are projected to spend 50% more or $75 billion.

Many states are relying upon early release, work release, probation and parole to reduce swelling prison and jail populations. Where the risk of recidivism is higher, community supervision agencies have come to rely upon electronic monitoring systems as tools in monitoring release compliance.

“The high cost of incarceration is putting state budgets are under tremendous pressure,” said Peter Michel, President and CEO of iSECUREtrac, Corp. “Prisons are operating at or above capacity; costs for fuel and healthcare are skyrocketing.” 

“But there are some attractive options available. For example, a community supervision program supplemented with electronic monitoring is a fraction of the cost of incarceration. And inmates who qualify for work release pay taxes and any court imposed financial obligations like spousal and child support. These kinds of programs ease the strain on already overburdened systems. At the same time, the rich stream of data supplied by our electronic monitoring systems helps officers better supervise participants when they are not behind bars.”

iSECUREtrac provides a complete suite of electronic monitoring systems including active and passive GPS, house arrest and in-home alcohol monitoring. The Company’s System 5000, which incorporates the industry’s most advanced GPS components, provides location and compliance information in real-time. If an inmate in a work release program, for example, does not show up at work or leaves prematurely, the supervising officer is notified via an alert sent by iSECUREtrac’s 24/7 Monitoring Center. 

Overall, community supervision supplemented with electronic monitoring, particularly GPS, provides financial relief for the state, instills more positive behavior patterns in the participant and keeps the public safer as a result of more intensive supervision. 

About iSECUREtrac

iSECUREtrac Corp. provides electronic monitoring systems, client management software and supplemental services for use in community supervision. The Company’s rich stream of reliable data concerning a client’s location, movement and status better enables effective compliance management and positive behavior modification. Visit for more information.