Stanley Security Solutions, a provider of access and security solutions, tells Zalud’s Blog about the Stanley NT500™ v3.1 Security Management System, which offers a family of options that combine reliable, stand-alone lock hardware with efficient, intuitive software. 

Whether a facility requires the basic security features of the NT510 and NT520 series or the more advanced capabilities of the NT540 and NT550 series, the Stanley NT500 v3.1 Security Management System is an adaptable system with superior features that are highly functional and easy to use. A reliable mechanical system augmented with powerful intelligent access control, the NT500™ v3.1 system does not require a team of IT experts to install and operate the product.

“In recent years, access control products have been introduced at an exponential pace, with an increasing number of complexities,” said Mike Gaines, Stanley Mechanical Solutions product director for Stanley Security Solutions. “The Stanley NT500 v3.1 Security Management System puts functionality at your fingertips with its simple and intuitive management software and reliable mechanical platforms and offline locks.”

While many access control systems rely on a central computer or remote access control panel to make decisions, the Stanley NT500 v3.1 Security Management System offline locks have their own cardholder database and built-in intelligence to make decisions at the door. Furthermore, the offline locks use batteries instead of a hard-wired power source, making installation easy by eliminating the need to drill wire channels through the door. 

Although an offline lock cannot provide real-time monitoring or be updated instantly, it does provide most of the benefits of a hard-wired access control system, at a fraction of the cost. Programmable through either a PDA or laptop computer, the benefits of NT500 v3.1 offline locks include:

Assignment of specific access rights and privileges to individual cardholders

The ability to tie access to specific dates and times

Full history event reporting

The Stanley NT500 v3.1 Security Management System delivers an easy-to-use identification and badging feature, which is ideal for personnel who are given the authority to manage access to their own controlled areas. It supports industry-standard ID card technologies and has cutting-edge image compression and enhancements to provide personnel with high-resolution pictures on ID badges. No proprietary hardware is required and the Photo Badge ID Creator supports all currently available industry-standard video cameras and badge printers. Additional features include:

Integrated magnetic strip encoding, including support for print and encode functions, using the Zebra brand of printers

State-of-the-art graphical layout of badges, ensuring designs work right every time

Support for a wide range of video capture devices, including TWAIN and Video for Windows interface

 Built on Microsoft’s .NET platform, the NT500 v3.1 system offers unique flexibility and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP-based software. The result is an advanced and modular access control solution that offers door position monitoring and ID production in one seamlessly integrated solution. 

The NT500 v3.1 system uses locking hardware from Best Access Systems, a division of Stanley Security Solutions, and supports a variety of hardware platforms, meeting the needs of nearly any application.

Specifically developed for K-12 educational facilities, the NT500 v3.1 system secures perimeter doors and classrooms through distributed network architecture that allows client workstations and field controllers to be placed directly on their existing network. In addition, the NT500 v3.1 system adapts to existing and legacy computer systems and infrastructure, eliminating the need to upgrade to newer computers in order to run the software.