Intransa, the global leader of shared, scalable and simple external IP storage solutions, announced today that Enjoy Group, a holding company for nine of the largest casinos in Chile, has chosen an IP storage solution by Intransa to serve as the storage backbone of its digital CCTV surveillance system. The system, installed by Bitelco Diebold Chile, is in full compliance with the Chilean Gaming Board, and allows Enjoy Group to build a central investigation and monitoring center that contains live and recorded video from its nine casinos. All the video can then be stored on the Intransa external IP storage system where it can be viewed and analyzed.

The security demands of today’s modern casino operations are increasing, and worldwide many casinos have found that existing analog/VCR CCTV systems are unable to cope with the long-term storage and the fast retrieval and search of video needed to quickly resolve gaming disputes and track incidents. The IP video surveillance and storage system by Intransa was chosen to meet the demanding CCTV requirements of casino operations, while providing growth benefits for the future including scalability, real-time camera-based analytics and fault tolerant configurations.

Once completed, the IP video surveillance and storage project will include the upgrade of more than 2,500 cameras to digital IP-CCTV surveillance. To date two installations have been completed. The first 500 camera system, complete with 45TB of Intransa IP storage has been installed at Enjoy’s casino complex in Coquimbo, Chile. The second installation at Enjoy’s casino complex in Pucon, Chile includes a 200 camera system with 22.5TB of Intransa IP storage. Both installations cover the hotel and convention center complex in each city.

“The complete IP Video system with IP storage provided by Intransa is performing extremely well,” said Manuel Abella, Manager of Projects and Systems, Enjoy Group. “We were particularly impressed with the video quality, the video search and analysis features and the efficient use of network bandwidth and storage.”

The Intransa IP storage solution is flexible and upgradeable, and allows Enjoy to add more storage capacity, supporting longer storage periods and cameras. In addition to Intransa’s EdgeBlock IP SAN storage system with RAID 5 storage that is fully protected, redundant and expandable, Bitelco Diebold Chile installed an IP Video and management software system by IndigoVision of the United Kingdom. With the combination of Intransa’s external IP storage and IndigoVision’s IP-CCTV Enjoy’s casinos will now have the ability to remotely view recorded video on any Control Center work station, no matter where they are located on the network – a feature not previously possible with the existing analog/VCR system.

“By using Intransa's scalable, security-grade IP storage for video surveillance applications Enjoy Group can increase surveillance reliability and lower their costs while deploying more cameras and for much longer retention periods than with a traditional storage solution using servers, DVRs or NVRs,” said Jeff Whitney, vice president of marketing, Intransa. “Enjoy can also use Intransa IP storage to run other security or IT applications simultaneously, making this a system they can continue to use well into the future.”

Intransa external storage solutions are Security-Grade IP Video Storage Certified to integrate with more than 40 physical security vendor’s products plus those of more than 35 IT vendors. Intransa’s affordable IP storage systems allow for modular growth from 4 to 1,500 TB of RAID-protected IP storage.