Known for print quality and reliability, Nisca printers are the only dye-sublimation card printers in the industry that print 24-bit images. Now this unmatched quality can be found in the small package of the PR-C101.

The Nisca PR-C101 card printer features a lightweight construction and small footprint—allowing it to be accommodated in the smallest of workspaces and easy enough to store on a shelf or under a counter when not in use. With a simple driver setting change, you can switch the card exit location from the front or back of the printer—whichever orientation best suits your workspace. Its industry-first rotating LCD panel provides you complete, easy-to-read printer status messages and diagnostic prompts. And its all-in-one removable ribbon cartridge with cleaning roller makes changing the consumables and cleaning the printer virtually maintenance-free.

Get your application up and running within minutes with an out-of-the box solution comprised of an YMCKO ribbon, PVC cards, and entry level ID card software from ExchangeIT. Printer’s security features include security port and microtext capability.

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