After ISC -- FLIR Systems is continuing to lower the cost of thermal imaging with the D-Series, a family of indoor thermal dome cameras that start at $2,999. These powerful thermal dome cameras let security operators see in the dark and through smoke.

In an emergency, when the lights go out or smoke obscures conventional CCTV cameras, the D-Series cameras still see clearly. With FLIR’s D-Series cameras, operators can make sure that everyone has left the building safely, or see if there are people in areas that Emergency Services haven’t reached.

FLIR has made the best thermal cameras in the industry for 40 years, and they’ve made the D-Series affordable and reliable. The D-Series is easy to install and has a standard video output. Best of all, it is backed by FLIR – the world leader in thermal cameras.

“FLIR is excited to announce the addition of the D-Series to our successful line of thermal security cameras. The D-Series are indoor thermal dome cameras that see in the dark and through smoke,” said Andy Teich, President of FLIR’s Commercial Vision Systems division. “D-Series cameras can make large facilities safer and more secure.”