Incident Alert Systems (IAS) of Port Angeles, Wash., tells Zalud’s Blog that it has an installation of its Fast Alert incident management and security system at Las Vegas’ Valley High School – one of over 300 schools in the Clark County School District, the 5th largest school district in the US. Fast Alert is a computer-enabled, incident warning and management system designed by IAS specifically for direct and immediate communication between teachers, staff and first responders during emergency situations.

Ron Montoya, Principal of Valley High School stated, “The Fast Alert system is a vital component of our comprehensive safety program. This installation serves as an evaluation and test sight and will determine the future installation of Fast Alert® throughout the entire school district.”

Fast Alert provides immediate warning of imminent or in-progress life threatening events via a secure computer network throughout any number of remote, related sites and proprietary software makes available a menu of alert options, including lockdown, evacuation, shelter-in-place and all-clear alarms.

The Fast Alert warning system can be installed in several configurations, the most common being integration with an existing intercom system with a connection to the data network. In cases where there is no access to an existing or compatible intercom system, the Fast Alert warning system can be installed with the addition of amplified speakers to cover the site. By utilizing ifrastructures already in place, the Fast Alert system can be introduced as a retrofit upgrade at a very low cost. It can be activated by cell phone, PDA, tablet computer, laptop or desktop computer, and supports many wireless platforms.