Contigo, a provider of turn-key GPS solutions for asset tracking, fleet management and personal safety, tells the Zalud’s Blog that their GPS tracking system enabled the police to recover a series of high value stolen goods, arrest 6 thieves and obtain a full list of potential buyers.

The victim of the theft was a large home builder based out of Texas. The thieves broke into the home construction site and made off with a stove and microwave oven, along with a refrigerator containing a concealed GPS beacon. The client was immediately alerted of the theft via an automated SMS notification. Contigo’s web based system was then used to track the location of the stolen property over the course of the alarm condition. After narrowing down the location, police moved in. The missing property was discovered, along with a full list of potential buyers and the 6 thieves responsible. The goods were recovered and returned to the client, and the thieves arrested.  

“Theft from construction sites costs builders $1 billion per year, adding close to $4000 to a home,” stated John Tedesco, President and CEO of Contigo. “We are pleased that the growing number of recoveries being made with our GPS system is giving builders more peace of mind, and a true return on their investment.”

These recoveries were made possible by Contigo’s software platform, coupled with the Contigo 8200 GPS beacon. No other autonomous GPS technology on the market is capable of being located in such challenging signal environments. The 8200 uses the world’s most powerful GPS technology, gpsOne from Qualcomm. This allows the device to be located indoors, where standalone GPS typically fails. Smaller than a package of cigarettes, and with a battery life of up to 30 days on a single charge, the Contigo 8200 is the most trusted solution for theft prevention on the market today.

About Contigo

Contigo is a leading provider of location-based services using wireless and GPS technology for asset-tracking, fleet management and personal safety applications. Contigo’s patent-pending platform enables companies and consumers to monitor the assets, vehicles, personnel and loved ones important to them 24/7 via the internet. Contigo’s solutions are distributed across the U.S. and Canada through Contigo’s network of value-added resellers. Founded in 2002, Contigo is a privately held corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia with U.S. operations headquartered in Santa Monica, California. For more information, please visit