Day & Zimmermann, one of America’s largest private companies with more than 24,000 employees, and a leading provider of high-end security forces, has gone live with the InTime Scheduling Engine (ISE) in its Security Services division. ISE is InTime’s next-generation employee scheduling and deployment solution built specifically for managing law enforcement, probation and security services. ISE is being rolled out in all Day & Zimmermann Security Services locations across the country, involving approximately 4,500 employees. The roll-out should be completed by early 2009.

“Day & Zimmermann’s Security Services division provides high-level security for such important national security sites as the Los Alamos National Laboratory and a number of military depots,” said Harry Dollard, president and CEO of InTime Solutions. “They need a highly reliable product that helps them manage their workforce fast and effectively, while also integrating with their SAP enterprise system. InTime’s Scheduling Engine achieves all that while providing them with a real-time, transparent-view window into their manpower costs.”

Managing overtime costs an important consideration

With multiple units, the Security Services division is rolling out ISE to its various locations throughout this year. SAP integration of payroll is a critical factor, as is the need to manage overtime costs. With 4,500 employees in the division, overtime can mount up quickly if not administered efficiently.

“We want to manage our overtime costs, as these can be a huge variable component,” said Anthony Bosco, who oversees 90 people in the company’s IT department in his role as Day & Zimmermann’s vice president and CIO. “InTime Scheduling enables us to automate our scheduling and quickly do what-if analyses to maximize shift coverage while minimizing our costs at the same time. It brings predictability to the management process, and that helps our operations run more smoothly and efficiently for our clients.”

Adds Michael Friess, the company’s senior director of application development and strategy, ”ISE integrates easily with SAP, enabling us to roll this out across all the security locations with confidence. The early implementation has gone smoothly and we expect that to continue until the last one is completed, probably by early in 2009.”

Built on an enterprise-class IT infrastructure, ISE has proven to be reliable and scalable for large deployments while also being able to work in smaller organizations. It is the powerful and proven law enforcement software tool that takes care of building, maintaining and controlling the scheduling of an organization’s workforce, no matter how large the organization or how the operation is run.

About Day & Zimmermann

Day & Zimmermann accelerates customer success by delivering diversified services. Operating from more than 150 worldwide locations with 2.2Billion USD in revenues, the Day & Zimmermann family of companies employs 24,000 professionals and is currently ranked as one of the largest private companies in America by Forbes and is a former winner of the U.S. National Family Business of the Year award. Founded in 1901 and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Day & Zimmermann companies today provide architectural-engineering-construction services, power plant maintenance and modification services, staffing services, security services and validation services to businesses and government agencies, and munitions production, equipment maintenance and facilities management services to the Department of Defense. For more information visit

Day & Zimmermann is specifically recognized for providing high-end security forces for sensitive environments. The company provides armed and unarmed security guard forces for the Department of Energy (DOE), at Los Alamos National Laboratory – and to the Department of Defense (DOD) at several GOCO installations including: U.S. Army Newport Chemical Depot (NECD), Hawthorne Army Depot, Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant, and the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant.

About InTime Solutions Inc.

Founded in 1996, InTime Solutions is a scheduling product leader in the public safety marketplace. We develop software and service solutions to more efficiently manage the allocation and deployment of your workforce. Our clients rely on us to improve utilization of personnel and to integrate the associated information with other systems within their organization.