Raytheon Company’s JPS Communications has partnered with Invizeon Corp., to market an emergency alert system to colleges, universities, and civil and military customers. The system delivers an emergency notification message within minutes to thousands of users

-- independent of device, access method or carrier.


In crisis situations, senior officials need fast, reliable methods of distributing information to citizens and public safety officials to effectively respond to and manage incidents. Invizeon’s CHAIN solution, coupled with JPS’ radio interoperability products, enables quick, efficient messaging and improves coordination and emergency management through better situational awareness.


“By combining our capabilities with Invizeon, a comprehensive solution now exists for bridging land mobile radio and other commonly used communications devices for emergency response messaging,” said Keith McDonald, vice president of sales and marketing for JPS Communications. “Partnering with companies that offer advanced commercial communications software and technology solutions allows JPS to use its established market presence and radio expertise to bring customers critical solutions.”


“With CHAIN, customers benefit from a managed alert service that is easy to use,

available at a moment’s notice and does not require any additional investment in hardware, software, or related maintenance and license fees,” said David Todd, president of Invizeon. “This integrated technology brings a multitude of communications devices together under one system, which significantly reduces the time required to distribute critical information resulting in improved response and recovery time.”