The Security Executive Council (SEC) recognizes that security leaders like you strive to pinpoint ways in which security can enhance the value of the organization. But with the security industry and the world of risk constantly changing, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of all the issues and opportunities a security program faces. Unless security practitioners stay abreast of these changes and the forces that drive them, they may find their programs lagging.


Working with Security magazine, the SEC hopes to create a list that identifies change factors and forces of business value to security. To do this, we need your help. The input of successful security leaders like you is essential if we are to identify all the high-level factors influencing the direction of our industry today.


We invite you to participate in our new online survey to share your views on this important issue. The Forces of Change survey results, which will appear in the April 2008 issue of Security, will highlight change factors that merit attention now and in the near future. Please take a moment to visit and fill out the short questionnaire. Thank you for participating!