Xanboo announced the Model iX110, a new video surveillance and control systems that make it possible for users to access cameras, sensors and control devices in their businesses from anywhere over the Internet via their PCs or cell phones. The product features the latest mpeg4 IP cameras, a compatible DVR and a wide variety of sensors and control devices which operate together in a fully integrated environment. Capabilities enabled by the system include control of lighting, simultaneous viewing of live or recorded video from up to four cameras, and receiving alerts from sensors for motion, door/window activity and temperature.


The Model iX110 is designed from the ground up as an affordable, seamlessly integrated system for operation over any standard broadband connection. Systems operating over high speed wireless connections are also available. All are designed to be simple to install and operate.


Model iX110 features include: looped recording of up to 4 cameras for 30 days (24/7/30); simultaneous viewing, either locally or remotely over the Internet, of full motion live or recorded video from up to 4 cameras; archived clips can be downloaded to DVD or PC; with Unique DVR Timeline readout users can drag Timeline for browsing or zoom in/out, click “play” on timeline to view stored video, drag play head on timeline for rewind, seek, random access of stored video, search for triggered events using event panel and roll over timeline event list to view events. Additional features include alerts from door/window contacts and ability to monitor and control multiple locations from a single account.


Accessories, which are available separately, include: pan/tilt IP video cameras; thermostats; temperature sensors for refrigeration units, with alerts when temperature varies from a preset range; motion sensors and control of lighting remotely from a PC or cell phone. Also available is a high speed wireless system for locations where DSL or cable modem service is not available.


The Model iX110 Surveillance System includes: 2 mpeg4 fixed position IP Cameras, one X1000 Gateway, one Xd310 DVR, 2 door/window contacts. MSRP is $799 and there is a $19.95 monthly service charge. For further information on Xanboo products and accessories, or to learn more about Xanboo’s dealer program, please log on to www.xanboo.com.