The Shops at Atlas Park in Queens, New York, has installed an IP video surveillance solution that is integrated with IP intercoms, access control, and parking garage emergency call boxes. It is a state-of-the-art networked system that gives the Securitas guard service full overview and fast response. Management also uses it remotely to keep tabs on the business – and to show the property to new retail lease prospects.
A recently established commercial community complex called The Shops at Atlas Park has a number of buildings with retail shops, movie theaters, restaurants, a fitness center, business offices, and parking garages covering more than 400,000 square feet. The main security challenge facing the property owners was dealing with all the construction in process, with a constantly changing environment and personnel as shops got set up and opened.
This was followed by the normal public venue issues of people traffic, parking lot incidents, teenagers congregating, accidents, vandalism, or theft. The solution is a pure IP network platform implemented by Fire Systems Inc. Milestone XProtect Enterprise video surveillance software is installed on Polar Industry’s ZNVR3200-I to manage over 100 network cameras from Sony’s latest IPELA line offering. As a result, the complex is extremely well protected, patrons and employees feel safe, and property is secure.
The Securitas guard service has total overview of all the areas, while the Shops at Atlas Park property managers also have remote access to check on the business at any time from anywhere – a big advantage with activity seven days a week year round, day and night. “We did not need any training: it’s a Windows-based operating system, so if you know a computer you can get around the Milestone software. It’s not been a problem for any of my people. That’s the beauty of the system: the simplicity of it,” remarks Frank Anello, the Securitas Director of Security for The Shops at Atlas Park. “We can make our own tailored views and folders for each shift, too.”
The Milestone software was selected not only for its flexible usability and ability to scale for future expansions, but also because its open platform allows integration with other suppliers’ systems, such as people-counting, retail transaction payment systems, or intelligent video analysis tools that are in development these days. The IP network approach has allowed The Shops at Atlas Park to piggyback all of their system needs through one cost-efficient platform: the video surveillance, access control, voice and lighting devices. The cameras are recording all the time.
When anyone goes through a door, the system triggers a response in the access control that ‘talks’ to the Milestone software and tells it to swing the camera patrolling to view that door. These views are able to be pre-set in the XProtect Enterprise, so if someone unwarranted enters a door, the guards can see it immediately and act fast in response. Similarly, if anyone presses an Emergency Call Box button, the camera in that area also moves to show what is going on there. The system pulls up the view on the monitor at the same time it rings the security phone in the guardroom.
The next phase for The Shops at Atlas Park will be upgrading to the newest version of Milestone XProtect Enterprise, installing the XProtect Central module for overview and alarms on the system operational status, adding more Sony cameras and four more monitors in the control room. They are also interested in the PDA Client from Milestone to give the guards mobile access to the surveillance.