Telework Exchange, a public-private partnership focused on telework in the Federal government, announced the results of a study that reveals what Federal Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) really think about mobility, data security practices, and telework.
Feds are Increasingly Mobile: 83% of CISOs report an increase in laptop use in the last year
Keeping Mobile Data Secure is a Top Priority: 63% of CISOs say securing mobile devices is their primary data security priority
Telework is Not the Enemy: 94% of CISOs say teleworkers in an official program are not a data security concern. Concerns include employees working at home on nights/weekends outside an official telework program, lack of appropriate data security tools and technologies, as well as insufficient data security training for all employees
FISMA Insight: 83% of CISOs say that telework/mobile computing infrastructure does not hamper their ability to meet Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements. 83% of CISOs call for a FISMA-compliant end-point certification. Download the study at