Location: Downtown Chicago (ideally) Date: First half of November 2007 Sponsors: Illinois Homeland Security Network (Homeland Security Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, Northwestern University; Homeland Security Market Development, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity; Homeland Security Procurement Technical Assistance Center, College of DuPage; Homeland Security Research Program, Western Illinois University); OTHERS Selected companies AmbrionTrustWave “As a multi-purpose security device, [AmbrionTrustWave’s] TrustedSentry provides vulnerability scanning of critical internal devices that sit behind your firewall and state-of-the-art intrusion detection to alert you on any unauthorized activity within your IT environment.” http://www.securepipe.com/trustedSentry.php Also has ipANGEL Intrusion Prevention System http://www.securepipe.com/ips.php Mutare’s Emergency/Notification System enables a broadcaster to automatically and rapidly contact designated people (up to thousands) in the event of an emergency or significant event.” http://een.mutare.com/ Mutuare is “in interactive voice & Internet response (IVIR) applications development. Mutare has installed well over 1,000 communication solutions used by business, government, educational and medical clients enabling clients to streamlining costs, automate communications, respond to emergencies, meet regulatory requirements and increase productivity.” http://www.mutare.com/04/About.asp