Silent Knight, a Honeywell company and provider of industry-wide compatible fire alarm solutions for small to mid-size institutions and commercial sites, will showcase the UL-listed, IntelliKnight 5820XL Fire Alarm Control Panel at the 2007 ISC East Conference, September 11-12th, in New York, NY in booth #1507.
The upgraded 5820XL conforms to the testing requirements of UL 9th edition standards, as well as offering enhanced features and benefits. A USB port has been added to increase compatibility with laptop computers and now uploads and downloads five-times faster due to data compression software upgrades. In addition, the 5820XL has increased power supply of six amps and offers programming capability from the on-board user interface or via the SKSS PC-based programming software. Complying with UL-9th Edition requirements, the 5820XL now boasts battery charging circuit integrity testing. The 5820XL features an advanced digital communication protocol that uses standard wiring¾no twisted pair or shielded cable is required.
This makes the 5820XL FACP ideal for new and retrofit applications. It also performs drift compensation and an automatic NFPA 72-compliant sensitivity check. The 5820XL supports 127 addressable points right out of the box and can be expanded to up 508 points. It features a built-in digital communicator and an integrated dead-front cabinet.