A unique find at ASIS International by Zalud’s Blog -- Shots Fired! ...the last thing one would ever expect to hear in a workplace or university. The odds of being involved in an “active shooter” situation are similar to being struck by lightning. But lightning does strike, and active shooter situations happen, and when they do the results are catastrophic. While organizations and law enforcement agencies have revamped their prevention and response strategies to address this critical issue, history shows that the immediate action of people on the scene is the most effective way to minimize or stop the violence. The key to survival is a proactive mindset.


According to one study, workplace violence costs employers at least $36 billion annually and affects over two million Americans every year. In response to this reality, the Center for Personal Protection and Safety created an instructional video designed to empower potential victims of workplace violence. “Shots Fired – When Lightning Strikes” provides the individual employee or student with critical guidance on how to recognize and survive an active shooter incident. Realistic dramatizations depict the spectrum of decisive, proactive responses that can be used to increase the chances of survival. Steve Romano, FBI Chief Negotiator (Ret), states “You do have options, good options, to survive a situation like this…”


Randy Spivey, executive director of the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, noted that “a potential victim’s understanding of an active shooter or hostage event and a survival mindset are critical factors in determining whether they, and those around them, become victims or survivors of workplace aggressors.”


Shots Fired! When Lightning Strikes... covers the following topics:

• Recognizing pre-incident indicators (“red flags”) in the workplace

• The survival mindset, a belief that you can take control and survive

• Courses of action during an active shooter incident

• Actions to take when law enforcement or SWAT teams respond

View the Shots Fired! When Lightning Strikes… trailer at www.shotsfiredDVD.com.