At ASIS – Intransa unveiled two additional IP storage system products at ASIS International 2007 - the Intransa Edgeblock and StorStac BuildingBlock IP storage systems. The Intransa EdgeBlock and StorStac BuildingBlock IP storage systems integrate seamlessly into existing surveillance infrastructure, and can grow from supporting just a few cameras to several thousand. Intransa’s newest IP solutions increase both reliability and video quality while providing much longer retention periods to enable even more uses for recorded material.


Intransa’s scalable, security-grade IP storage is designed for use with video surveillance applications. Intransa’s EdgeBlock and StorStac BuildingBlock IP storage systems enable customers to increase reliability and lower costs through the deployment of more cameras than with traditional storage solutions using servers, DVRs or NVRs. Intransa IP storage can also support security and IT applications simultaneously. Currently customers use Intransa IP storage systems for server and storage consolidation and virtualization in addition to security applications such as video surveillance and access control.


With Intransa, new systems can be deployed to take maximum advantage of the many benefits of IP, or customers can chose to integrate Intransa’s IP storage systems into their existing infrastructure. “Taking advantage of scalable IP storage doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing effort,” explained Bud Broomhead, CEO of Intransa. “Installing an all-IP Intransa solution allows customers to retain more video at higher resolution and frame rates at less cost than legacy solutions. In addition, customers can also take smaller steps and leverage their existing investment.”


Broomhead continued, “By installing an Intransa EdgeBlock system as the storage for one or more DVRs, in addition to multiple digital or analog cameras, customers immediately gain huge increases in video storage availability and reliability, without adding either complexity or cost. And while the Intransa solution leverages a customer’s existing surveillance infrastructure, it is the first step toward a more affordable and reliable all-IP implementation in the future.”


Intransa EdgeBlock supports 4 to 38.25 terabytes (TBs) of RAID protected, fault tolerant storage, enough for a few cameras, a few dozen or several hundred. Most DVR-based solutions are limited by the amount of storage that can be supported, shortening retention periods and limiting the resolution and frame rate. Management is by a simple to use web-accessible graphical user interface, with full snapshot support for further backup protection. Intransa EdgeBlock also delivers “set-and-forget” management, so security users don’t have to become IT experts to get all the advantages of Intransa’s scalable, security-grade IP storage. 


StorStac BuildingBlock utilizes the same components as the Intransa EdgeBlock, but offers more capacity and throughput, enabling it to support hundreds or thousands of cameras, with RAID protected storage that scales up to 306TB. For customers who chose to run surveillance and IT applications on the same architecture, StorStac BuildingBlock is ideal, and offers including thin provisioning, clustering, failover, replication, and dynamic load balancing. Customers can upgrade from Intransa EdgeBlock to StorStac BuildingBlock when needed for future growth. And both systems can be upgraded to support tens of thousands of cameras, by upgrading to Intransa’s 1,000TB capable highest end offering, using the same basic components and adding 10GbE interface support.


Both Intransa EdgeBlock and StorStac BuildingBlock offer full RAID protection, fault tolerance, and redundant components. Specifically designed for projects with video surveillance needs such as the gaming, government, education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, security, law enforcement, and transportation industries, Intransa’s scalable, security-grade IP storage delivers year-round availability, easy management, and a plug and play architecture with full RAID features for maximum protection, delivered over inexpensive and proven IP.